Climbing & Scrambling

Climbing & Scrambling

We can offer a whole range of climbing, scrambling and weaselling sessions. From moorland adventures, to roped climbing taster sessions to learning to lead!


Join us for a taste of climbing: Scaling Dartmoor’s rugged tors, the hard way! Whether this is your first time or your tenth, we can show you some skills and help you conquer some climbs!

We have the whole of Dartmoor to choose from: We will pick a venue that suits your aims and the weather conditions! If you have always wanted to climb a particular tor, we can arrange this too.

Our fully qualified climbing instructors will ensure you have a safe and enjoyable session!

Scrambling and Weaselling

Similar to climbing, scrambling involves conquering one of Dartmoor’s rugged tors.

Scrambling falls somewhere between climbing and walking; some of the route will be walkable, some you’ll need to use your hands to help, and a few short bits will feel like climbing! 

You’ll be supplied with all the nessisery equipment to keep you safe and our experienced guides will show you the ropes.

Weaselling is similar to scrambling, but the more playful sibling! Instead of navigating a ridge or long route, this involves exploring a tor closer to the ground. Squeezing through gaps and clambering over boulders. 

Due to the nature of scrambling, the exposure and difficulty are not suitable for young children. So for children’s groups and families a weaselling session may be more suited.