About us

What do we do?

Well we provide bespoke adventures for you! We can show you Dartmoor by foot on a guided walk or we can introduce you to the fantastic worlds of: Mountain biking; Climbing; Paddlesports; and Wild Camping.

Don’t hesitate get in touch so we will discuss your next adventure!

Who are we?

Chris runs most of our adventures: he has worked in the Outdoor Education industry for nearly 10 years, most of which on and around Dartmoor. Before starting Dartmoor Adventures Chris worked at a local activity centre. Here his focus was on facilitating school groups, but he also loved teaching instructors and getting nerdy over new kit and operating procedures. In his time in the industry he has worked with a whole range of clients with a whole range of experience and aims, this experience is vital to tailoring your adventure to your needs.

Chris has a whole range of qualifications in the outdoors, including all the activities we offer. Throughout his career Chris has been devoted to developing his practice in order to be able to provide the highest quality experience possible; to this end Chris is a qualified teacher and has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Outdoor Education. This supports his experience and the knowledge and skills gained through his sport specific awards. All our staff are fully First Aid trained and hold the relevant qualifications for your adventure.

Our Values

Responsible and sustainable use of wild spaces:

Our wild spaces suffer due to inappropriate use and the people that look after these places cannot manage this alone. We believe that providers should place the environments need above our fun, both in planning and use. We also believe that adventures should be more than just exhilaration or skills learnt, but also encouraging a connection with nature as well as education about and in nature. This begins with advocating and demonstrating the leave no trace ideology and the countryside code. This doesn’t end there; we will arrange and rearrange our plans so that our adventures do not cause damage to the environments we use.

We view our approach to coaching and education as holistic. In the education world, this means that your child is more than academic achievements: they also require social, emotional and moral education. In outdoor sports, our adventures are more than skills and Instagram moments. Our adventures can be: a history or geology lesson; a chance to connect with nature; challenge yourself; or learn how to enjoy nature whilst causing minimal damage.

 Affordable access to nature and adventures:

The outdoor industry has been taking criticism that it is the sole privilege of the wealthy, white and able. Whilst we cannot change the face of the outdoor industry, we can do our part. Ensuring that our costs are fair, both valuing the educators experience whilst offering affordable access to the outdoors is a key value of ours.