Paddling canoes is a truly wonderful experience. It is also very accessible; beginner can have a wonderful day out with no previous experience, but once hooked can spend a lifetime chasing true canoe mastery. South Devon and Dartmoor have everything you could need to chase canoeing perfection, and we can help.

We can take you on every step of your canoe journey: We offer guided trips, coaching on open water and rivers, canoe camping and progressive programmes. We don’t run off the shelf activities, all of our adventures are bespoke for you.

Estuary Canoe Trips

Nothing beats the serenity of open water canoeing*. See the Dart Estuary from Unique angle. This beautiful river boasts home to amazing views and some wonderful wildlife: we have seen seals up close and personal, even heard rumour of rare inland dolphin sightings! One of the beauties of canoeing is the ease of gliding though the water whilst bringing everything you could ever need and more! This adventure is perfect to get your teeth stuck into canoeing. You will learn some valuable skills and knowledge to ensure you are safe and have fun.
*We find the amount of serenity is largely dependant on the weather conditions!

We can cater for everyone:

  • After a relaxed family outing?
  • Some specific trad skills?
  • Looking to move from beginner to master?

Choose between our half day (up to 3 hrs) or full day (up to 5 hrs) adventures to suit your needs. This adventure will be based around the tides and winds.

White Water Canoe Trip

The adrenaline and adventure of white water rapids, but from the comfort and confidence of a canoe. Squeezing into a kayak is not for everyone, a canoe offers a more comfortable approach, however the larger canoe requires slightly different skills. Never fear! We can equip you with these skills to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable adventure.

You can paddle tandem, sharing the experience. Halfling the workload and doubling the fun. Or if you’re more of a lone wolf, you can take the river on solo. As the saying goes: half the paddle, twice the paddler!

We can cater for everyone:

  • Never paddled a canoe before but are desperate for some rapids?
  • Have some specific skills to work on?
  • Need a helping and down a specific river?

Choose between our half day (up to 3 hrs) or full day (up to 5 hrs) adventures to suit your needs. This adventure will be based around the water levels.

British Canoeing Awards

We can also provide a few British Canoeing awards. These are the Paddle Explore award and the White Water Kayak award.

The Paddle Explore Award covers everything you need to know when you are starting out. This covers all the aspects of a day paddling, the planning, execution and reflection of your paddling adventures. This can be undertaken in any suitable craft. Depending on your experience this award can take anywhere between a day to several trips. These are charged at our normal rates, plus a British Canoeing fee. Contact us to discuss undertaking this award.

Canoe Camping

Canoeing and Camping are two pastimes that fit so beautifully together, the joy of paddling a canoe and the comfort of the equipment you can bring! One of our favourite treats, an afternoon paddle with a night under the stars and paddling home in good time for lunch!

This adventure will be based around the tides and winds.