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adventure gift cards

What to buy them? Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries. They all pose the same problem, what to buy! We think that experiences are way better than stuff, a lot of us have enough stuff. And there are few gifts that can top new experiences and memories. Plus there is the added bonus of supporting a small, local, family run business! We think our Adventure Gift Cards are the perfect present: either for 1 person, 2 people or a group!

How it works

You buy a gift card for the value of an adventure, the lucky recipient(s) then has a year to use it! If bought in the run up the Christmas, the gift card will be valid until December 31st the following year.

You could choose a specific adventure, for example a days mountain biking for 2, or you could choose an adventure length and leave the choice of sport to a later date. Explore our pricing page for more details.

When you’re ready, use our contact form to order. Information we’ll need will include the name of the recipient, the adventure type, length and number of people the gift card is for. For example, the gift card could be for a full day gravel riding adventure for 2. We will then confirm the price and once payment is made send out the electronic gift card.

Once the holder of the gift card is ready, they can reach out and book their adventure!