Wild Camping

Wild Camping

This overnight wild camping adventure is not for the faint of heart! If you can brave the dark, and sleeping in a tent, you will be rewarded with wonders few experience. Depending on the weather Dartmoor has some rare sights to show you, from sunsets to the milky way.
We will begin in the afternoon for few hours walk before dinner and bed, then in the morning you will emerge feeling triumphant and possibly a little bleary eyed!

Dartmoor is the only place in England where wild camping is legal, outside of campsites with toilet blocks and electric hook up. We would be honoured to show it to you! How we get to our camping spot is up to you.

Walking is a popular option, smart packing is required to carry all you need for a good nights sleep. By foot we can walk until civilisation is a memory and sleep surrounded by the sounds of nature.

Canoeing is another lovely option, cruise along the river Dart with more space than you will need for your overnight necessities. Our favourite riverside campsite may have a small fee, but boasts a campfire, compost toilet and drinking water on tap. Did I mention it’s by the river?

If you’ve got a thirst for a minimalistic adventure, then bikepacking may be the mode of transport for you. Strapping our equipment to bikes and pedalling of into the dusk on Dartmoor.

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